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SIM Card Data Retrieval Software

Sim Card Data Retrieval Software lets you to recover deleted text sms and provides complete backup of your saved contact numbers. Sim card recovery program allows you to easily view and restore deleted text sms (including inbox/outbox and draft sms along with the Sender Number, Date, Time, Location, and Message) from mobile phone sim card memory.

Award winning utility supports quick data recovery even from corrupted Sim Card easily.

Easily recovers:

  • Accidentally deleted or lost text sms
  • Phone book saved contact numbers

and other information like:

  • Call history (dialed, missed, or received), recently deleted call list,
  • Sim card ICC number
  • Sim card IMSI number
  • Service provider name
  • Network location etc...

Just at $69

Software Features:
  • Easily recovers lost text messages (inbox/outbox) from sim card.
  • Allows you to restore phone book saved contact numbers.
  • View the ICC identification number printed on the sim card.
  • Displays service provider name regardless of network location.
  • Supports Sim of any service / network provider.
  • Useful utility for investigation officers to recover evidence in the form of text SMS or contact numbers for future use.

Important!!! Please remember that you need USB SIM Card reader (any PC/SC Standards or Phoenix Standards based Reader) to use software to recover deleted data from sim card.